Vixen Chat: Selita Ebanks on Her Beauty Secrets, Working With Kevin Hart and Philanthropy

Selita ebanksEven though you aren’t a Victoria’s Secret Angel anymore, are you still involved in modeling?

Yes, but right now, I’m focused on acting. Actually, Real Husbands of Hollywood premieres October 15th. I’m in a few episodes and I’m so excited and a little nervous. Kevin Hart was a pleasure to work with; he’s the funniest, silliest, goofiest guy in the world. It’s so funny because I’m on set working with all of these guys and I kind of just blended right in. Maybe because I have so many brothers, it was so easy to loosen up and be funny. It was like an improv class 101 because these guys are so good. They would literally go off script and come right back. I’m like “Wait, wait, wait! That’s not in the script. Then I’m like oh okay, I got it!” You have to be witty and quick. It’s going to be a really great season.

So you would really love to pursue acting now?

Absolutely! I’m still auditioning. You know, I’m always trying to evolve. I’m still pushing myself and challenging myself. I love a good challenge. I try to go out for roles that are different from what is expected of me.

You’re always so busy between modeling, acting and your philanthropy. How do you manage to stay so fit?

You know what, that’s so funny. As a model, I’m definitely not model size. It’s really hard. I turned 30 this year and my body is freaking out. There are some days I wake up and I’m five pounds heavier, and the next day I wake up, I have a freaking six pack. It’s like what is going on! It’s insane! My schedule is crazy so I don’t get to work out every singe day. I’m definitely more focused and concerned about the things that I eat. I have small portions. I used to skip breakfast all the time because my call times were always so early, but now, I definitely try to eat breakfast every single day. Even if I don’t have time to eat lunch or if I eat dinner late, I try to eat healthier things like a juice or a salad. As much as I love wings, I’m like, “Put the wings down, girl! Put the wings down!”

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