Vixen Exclusive: Next Artist Ari Lennox Debuts EP ‘Ariography’


AriName: Ari Lennox
Twitter: Ariography
Instagram: Arilennox

Where Ari Lennox Derives from: 
I was watching The Secret Garden, and the lead character’s name was Mary Lennox. I was inspired by her name and just how classic the movie was. I’m a huge fan of British culture.

Two interesting facts about Ari: I want to take a 41-day-cruise from the Amazon to Antarctica and I chew two packs of Juicy Fruit a day.

Dream Collaboration: Tyler the Creator.

Her Sound: I’m a mixture of everything. One may think of me as soul at the first listen but they’ll be surprised. My sound is definitely soulful, but there’s a mixture of alternative, pop, and funk. But I know I have a soulful voice so no matter what I sing, no matter what genre it is, it’s going to be soul.

Musical Inspiration: The Beatles. They were incredibly talented and unpredictable lyrical geniuses. I was inspired by their beautiful harmonies and their diverse discography.

Style: Over the summer I was really into tights and shorts. However, my style is evolving. Sometimes I’m at thrift store or I’m in the kids section, lol. I think my style to speaks volumes of my spirit too. I’m open to heels but only for fancy events. It’s hard to jam on stage when you’re in seven-inch heels.

Why she followed her dream: I would say my career/dream started for me at the end of high school. Everyone around had their plans of where they wanted to be, I just took my talents to YouTube, and now here I am premiering my debut EP.

On fans: Hmm, good question. If I don’t have these already [laughs] it would be fans that are into R&B, Soul, Funk, Pop and Alternative. A very diverse group of music lovers.

Want she wants listeners to take from her music: I want my listeners to understand that we’re all in this journey–the journey of finding self. And through special moments like encountering love, we  come closer to finding out who we are. This is what Ariography’s about, understanding self.

Her new EP AriographyAriography, I would say is a journal of reflection. It’s personal moments of intimacy, love, self-actualization, and realization, that were notes that turned into lyrical melodies for me. So it’s pretty personal, but there’s more to it.

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Photo Credit: Energy Jones