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Justine SkyeName: Justine Skye

Instagram: JustineSkye

Twitter: JustineSkye

Interesting facts about Justine: I’m extremely scared of bugs—especially spiders. I don’t like the word “recess” and I hate mustard.

Dream Collaboration: It would definitely be Drake. I feel like we’d have a lot in common melody wise and he would have a lot to contribute to my writing. I feel like when I have the opportunity to create with him, we’ll make something great.

Justine’s Sound: I would describe it like late 90s early 2000s R&B vibe but also with the 2013 A$AP Rocky like vibe to it. A lot of people say if Aaliyah and A$AP Rocky got together it would be me.

Biggest Inspiration: [Aaliyah] is just amazing. She made it look so effortless but it was a lot of hard work but she put her everything in it.

Justine’s Style: It comes from the way I’m feeing. When I try to hard that’s when I look absolutely ridiculous. There’s no right or wrong to style. It’s whatever you think it is.

Justine’s Signature Hair Color: My favorite color is actually green. So I wanted green hair all my life and my mom said no. I used to hate the color purple and I wanted to dye my hair really bad and it was the one she said yes to. After a while I felt purple really looked good on me and it’s now one of my favorite colors.

Justine’s Story: She’s the voice for young females all over the world. Right now there isn’t a voice for them and I feel like I’m speaking for them, what’s going on in my relationship and my life. I’m striving for the best and fulfilling my dreams and I want to make sure that people understand to always believe in themselves and never give up because there was a time that I wanted to give up but I didn’t and now I’m here.

Relationship Status: Taken

Her Boyfriend: He’s very supportive always there and encouraging me. He is always helping me out creatively because he’s into fashion.

On Fans: I want fans that are dedicated to me. Die hard, like Beiber fever fans.

On Her Music: It’s all coming from the heart. A lot of people say they can relate to my music and that’s great because it’s real life where it’s not like sugar coated in anything. The next EP is going to be deeper because I’m growing up and going through things in my life.

 Legacy She Wants to Leave Behind: I just want people to remember me as someone who always kept it honest and real.

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