Vixen Next Artist: Ro James [Video]

ro james

Name: Ro James
Instagram: @rojamesxix
Twitter: @rojamesxix

Three Things to Know about Ro: I’m Panamanian, I was born in Germany and I can cook.

Sound: Electric because it’s emotional and honest. I think people are open to new things and want to hear something different. They are used to the same type of artist and the same formula.

Musical inspiration: Prince, Donnie Hathaway, Johnny Cash, Jodeci; It’s broad. I like David Bowie a lot. My dad put me on a lot of different music I didn’t know about, he instilled soul. He used to tell me to study their voices and emotions.

Style: I traveled so many different places because my dad was in the army. I’ve been exposed to so many different things and cultures so I picked up little things along the way. I’m inspired by Johnny Cash, Prince, Stevie Wonder, and hip-hop. I pull from so many different things and years and that’s my style.

His story: Coke, Jack, and Cadillac is my story. Traveling everywhere, different places, different environments, and different music being inspired by different types of people but adapting to change so that’s my story. Travel.

On Fans: I want them all. I want all the people that are going to be here for the long hall. I want something different and people who are on the trend because I move through all of that.

Wants listeners take from his music: Feeling, emotion and honesty. I want my fans to know that they can do it to. If they have a dream and they have something they aspire to be just do it. From my music understand my story and to relate, to love to travel to struggle to hustle. I want them to embrace it and say I can relate to that story.

About EP Coke, Jack, and CadillacCoke is about the woman, Jack is about the guy [me] and Cadillac is about the journey. We had to break it down for people to understand exactly what it’s about.

His Legacy: [I want people to know] I was great, that I lived out my dreams, and that I was an original. I don’t want to be compared, but I want people to say ‘I remind them of the greats because they have inspired me, but I don’t want to live in their shadow’.

Why he uses black and white: I wanted to stick to black and white. I heard a long time ago from my grandfather that when you look at a black and white picture you appreciate the moment and soul of a picture but when it’s in color you look at all the other elements. I wanted people to really get into the moment, good music, and the emotion that I’m presenting.

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