Vixen of the Day: Jamilah

Vixen of the Day: JamilahVixen of the Day: Jamilah

Age: 22

Location: New York, NY

Occupation: Intern at one of New York’s top law firms and freelance hairstylist

Style: Glamour chic

Inspiration: Michelle Obama, my family and independent, hard working women

Beauty Fav I Can’t Live Without: Palmers Cocoa Butter cream because healthy and moisturized  skin is so important and contributes to a constant youthful glow and Urban Decay’s naked 2 palette neutral eye shadow palette

 A vixen is… A woman who is not only confident and fearless, but takes risks in both her style  and life decisions. A vixen is a woman who is able to command the attention of an entire room effortlessly while remaining humble and relatable. Studying abroad in Asia and Europe has allowed me to have a more open mind while easily adapting to different cultures. A multidimensional personality and understanding of different people is definitely an important component of being a vixen!