Vixen of the Day: Khadeen Ellis

Vixen of the Day: Khadeen EllisVixen of the Day: Khadeen Ellis

Age: 29

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Occupation: Mother, wife, television host/actress and makeup artist

Style: Timeless classy chic

Beauty Fave I Can’t Live Without: MAC InExtreme Dimension Mascara and The Body Shop Aloe Lip Conditioner

Inspired By: Tia Mowry, Beyonce and my mother

A Vixen is… Contrary to the traditional meaning of a vixen which depicts a woman who is overly sexual and at times, malicious, I’m a vixen because I use my intellect to my advantage. Like a fox, there is a certain level of cleverness, confidence, class and poise that a vixen should possess. Ambition is sexy, drive is enticing– all when it is used for the betterment of a woman’s individual “brand.” A vixen takes pride in and invests in herself– and then can impact those around her. These are only a few qualities that allow THIS vixen to juggle her career goals and family responsibilities with style and grace– in a fabulous pair of stilhettos, of course!