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Vixen Roster: NBA Players You Should Know

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If you've noticed that your boo has been ignoring you a little bit more now, it isn't another woman, it's because basketball season is back. But don't worry vixens we've got a way for you to stay in the know and actually have your man conversing with you while the Rockets play the Heat. We've compiled a quick and dirty list of players you should know that'll have you graduate from rookie to seasoned veteran in no time. Check out our Vixen NBA Roster:

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Kobe Bryant holding out Lakers jersey

Player: Kobe Bryant

Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Position: Shooting guard

Alma Mater: Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania

This shooting guard is a five time champion, future hall of famer, and dubbed the greatest Laker ever by Magic Johnson. After being sidelined right before the 2013 postseason due to a ruptured achilles you'll want to see how the Black Mamba strikes back.

Photo Credit: washingtonpost.com

Lebron James holding up three fingers

Player: Lebron James

Team: Miami Heat

Position: Forward

Alma Mater: St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio

Affectionately called King James by his many fans, this forward has won two consecutive championships as well as nabbing MVP for both championships, bringing him to four MVP titles. James will be looking to gain his third championship this season as he and the Heat defend their title.

Photo Credit: inflexwetrust.com

Carmelo Anthony yelling on basketball court

Player: Carmelo Anthony

Team: New York Knicks

Position: Small forward

Alma Mater: Syracuse University

Known as Melo, this small forward is trying to get over the hump to win his first championship. As one of the NBA's elite players and one of the best pure shooters in the league, Anthony will either lead the Knicks to a long awaited championship or say his goodbyes to the Empire State.

Photo Credit: brooklyneaglesports.com

Kevin Durant with his arm up

Player: Kevin Durant

Team: Oklahoma City Thunder

Position: Small forward

Alma Mater: University of Texas

Durant is arguably the best player in the league. He's still trying to amend his loss from the 2012 NBA Finals and lead OKC to a championship.

Photo Credit: hdwallpapersinn.com

Derrick rose with arms up and angry face

Player: Derrick Rose

Team: Chicago Bulls

Position: Point guard

Alma Mater: University of Memphis

After tearing his ACL in the 2012 postseason, Rose had to bow out of the 2012-2013 NBA season, leaving the Bulls to fend for themselves. This season will bring Rose and the Bulls back together and if the preseason is any indication of what's to come then the Bulls will be ready to charge.

Photo Credit: sportige.com

Stephen Curry flexing his muscles

Player: Stephen Curry

Team: Golden State Warriors

Position: Point guard

Alma Mater: Davidson College

Known as the Baby Face Assassin, Curry is a definite threat from the three point line. He holds the Warriors' franchise record for most three pointers in a game, at 11.

Photo Credit: espn.go.com

Blake Griffin pointing

Player: Blake Griffin

Team: Los Angeles Clippers

Position: Power forward

Alma Mater: University of Oklahoma

Although the Clippers have undergone a lot of changes this offseason, Blake Griffin is constant. Griffin is a prolific dunker and though his focus is on winning, he always adds excitement to the game.

Photo Credit: latimes.com

Anthony Bennett smiling

Player: Anthony Bennett

Team: Cleveland Cavaliers

Position: Power forward

Alma Mater: University of Nevada Las Vegas aka UNLV

Bennett was this years number one draft pick. For a guy his size—6'8", 240ish pounds—he can get to the rim really quickly and has a great outside shot. He will be a key asset for Kyrie Irving to pass to.

Photo Credit: sports.yahoo.com

Michael Carter Williams in Sixers jersey

Player: Michael Carter-Williams

Team: Philadelphia 76ers

Position: Point guard

Alma Mater: Syracuse University

At 6'6" his length poses a problem for those who try to score over him. MCW can easily garner at least 10 points and 10 assists in a game because of his ability to find the open man on the floor. Willams teaming up with fellow rookie, Nerlens Noel, give Philly something to look forward to.

Photo Credit: csnphilly.com

Deron Williams from the Brooklyn Nets

Player: Deron Williams

Team: Brooklyn Nets

Position: Point guard

Alma Mater: University of Illinois

After three years with the Nets, Williams has proven to have a great basketball IQ. He sees the floor well, a great mid-range and free throw shooter, and  owns a smooth crossover. With the acquisition of Jason Terry, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce, Williams will have people to pass the ball to when drives the lane.

Photo Credit: hngn.com

James Harden from the Houston Rockets

Player: James Harden

Team: Houston Rockets

Position: Shooting guard

Alma Mater: Arizona State University

Formerly the sixth man off the bench for OKC, he's becoming a star in Houston. Leading the team in scoring and becoming more and more deadly behind the three point line, Harden is definitely one to watch.

Photo Credit: 3news.co

Victor Oladipo from the Orlando Magic

Player: Victor Oladipo

Team: Orlando Magic

Position: Shooting guard

Alma Mater: Indiana University

This years number two draft pick, Oladipo has a really high field goal percentage so he knows which shots to take. He knows how to create contact (drawing a foul) when driving the lane. The Magic are going to be looking at him to help them rebuild.

Photo Credit: foxsportsflorida.com

Roy Hibbert from the Indiana Pacers

Player: Roy Hibbert

Team: Indiana Pacers

Position: Center

Alma Mater: Georgetown University

Hibbert is a true center who's difficult to defend in the paint. He forces his opponents to take tough shots and is an impeccable shot blocker.

Photo Credit: bsports.com

 Kawhi Leonard from the San Antonio Spurs

Player: Kawhi Leonard

Team: San Antonio Spurs

Position: Forward or Shooting guard

Alma Mater: San Diego State University

He's a lock-down defender. He has no problem guarding a bigger player, i.e. Lebron James in the 2013 finals. He had a breakout season proving himself as a great perimeter shooter and quick off the dribble.

Photo Credit: theomosports.com

John Wall from the Washington Wizards

Player: John Wall

Team: Washington Wizards

Position: Point guard

Alma Mater: University of Kentucky

Wall is one of the fastest players in the league right now. He recently signed a five year $80 million contract with the Wizards and we're sure to see what this million dollar kid is worth.

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