Vixen TV: Chilli And T-Boz Interview ‘Movie Chili And T-Boz’

Last night (October 21) the #CrazySexyCool: TLC Movie premiered with a bang. All the negative commentators were silenced with the uncanny similarities the cast had with its original members. Not only did they resemble TLC, but their emotions and performance style gave us all flashbacks to the days when condom rocking was trendy.

We’ve been waiting for a TLC biopic since the untimely passing of Left Eye, but “timing is everything,” T-Boz told us when we sat down with the original cast members. “If it wasn’t done at the right time it might not have been the same outcome.” And this was the right time to find out the real story of the best selling female R&B group of all-time.

Now that you’ve watched their story, jump the page to hear about casting, dances and Lil Mama’s similarities to the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.

Watch the full interview at VIBE VIXEN

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