Vixen Vent: Black Men Caping…For White Women Only


Step right up. See black male celebrities caping for free. With the S on their chests, black male celebs are here to save you. And by you, I mean white women.

A couple of days ago, a video surfaced of Khloe Kardashian’s mass exodus from a club in L.A. Her entourage was deep with bestie Malika, security, her friend Game and his entire crew in tow. Paparazzi were outside waiting to do what paps do. The camera lights flashed, video tapes rolled. At some point the paps, club goers or both started heckling Khloe about her marital woes. One obnoxiously loud stranger asked, “What’s up with Lamar on that crack?” Although Khloe remained mute, Game swooped in to play Captain-save-a-Kardashian by threatening to break the cameraman’s equipment. “Put your cameras down or there’s gonna be seven broke cameras,” he yelled. “You thought Kanye was a problem, I’m a real problem.” Meanwhile Khloe’s black female bestie, nearly came to blows with a guy defending Khloe and Game didn’t bat an eyelash about her protection.

Granted they are type A personalities like myself who are uber protective over friends. Totally understandable. It’s just annoying when you rarely see the same men jumping to defend black women.

There’s a long history of black men feeling like white women were a prize due to racism, conditioning and self-hatred. Historically, white women were off limits. The price of even looking at a white woman was brutal murder like 14-year-old Emmett Till who was beat, had one of his eyes gouged and shot in the head before he was dumped in the Tallahatchie River. And that was only 58 years ago. Once death was no longer the price, black men paid for engaging with a white woman she became revered by many black men as the ultimate prize. And what do you do with any prize? You protect it at all costs; hence the caping.