Vixen Vent: Have Rihanna and Other Pop Princesses Redefined ‘Female Empowerment?’


Let me start off by saying I am sad, amused and confused.

Rihanna’s “Pour It Up” is far from shocking. The twerktastic cut is everything you’d imagine from the good girl gone bad: dollar bills, barely there outfits and dancing ladies galore. Rihanna, who usually allows debauchery to happen around her, put herself in a variety of compromising positions to show that she can work it with the best of them. Per usual, there’s no denying the girl’s near perfect looks. Even with a gaudy blonde wig atop her head, Rihanna’s firm abs, lengthy legs and of course—round backside, steal the show and trigger the creation of GIFs, memes and articles dedicated to her latest act. In fact, her heavy influence may change an activity usually reserved for men and make it a more viable option for girl’s night out.

As I watched (and re-watched #dontjudgeme) the “unapologetic” clip, a bevy of thoughts ran through my head. First, nothing about it surprised me. Besides the usual strip club tricks, our Bajan princess’ transformation already began six albums ago with a dye job and Jay Z cosign. Since then, it’s a been a whirlwind of chameleon-like style, ex-boyfriend drama and Twitter beef surrounded by a cloud of weed smoke. What is there to look forward to when chaos has already been revealed?