Vixen Vent: Have Rihanna and Other Pop Princesses Redefined ‘Female Empowerment?’


We can’t deny the total 360 America’s “pop princess” has made. Fifteen years ago, these girls were virginal songbirds with a just a glimmer of naughtiness. Today, Hannah Montana is “dancing with molly” and Britney Spears can’t get enough of S&M (watch her “Work Bitch” video here).

I am not here to bash anyone. I believe being comfortable in your sexuality is vital to being a fully realized woman. And hey, we all grow up at some point. I commend gals like Rihanna, Miley and Britney who can do their own version of that in front of a worldwide audience. However, I grow frustrated when I think about the impression it leaves on the viewer. Regardless of whether these women choose to be role models or not, no amount of parental supervision will keep girls of any age from accessing the NSFW content.