Vixen Vent: Is ‘Preachers of L.A.’ Really Bringing People to Christ?


The problem lies in the way the money is on display. One of the Bishops proudly declared he wouldn’t preach at a small church if they couldn’t afford him and his entourage. When another minister challenged his mindset the two nearly came to blows. And these are pastors.

If the purpose of the show is to bring non-believers or sinners to Christ, I don’t see how this will be achieved. In fact, it may do the exact opposite. From the opposing comments I’ve read online, folks are completely turned off by the show glorifying fancy living. Many feel the pastors are “pimping” their congregations. Words like “pimping” and “con artists” and “false prophets” being thrown around doesn’t sound like people marching to the altar in droves to get saved.

I don’t doubt that some of these pastors can preach. I don’t doubt that they are doing great things in their communities. And I certainly don’t doubt they have a testimony. Unfortunately, all of their good deeds were overshadowed the minute they traded in their privacy for reality TV cameras.

T.D. Jakes was so riled up about the show he informed his congregation during a sermon that he “had money when he came to Dallas.” He reassured the church that he doesn’t need their money to buy his shiny suits, nice car or home because he’s made his millions from production, movies and books. While I tend to agree with Jakes that the show is “junk,” he is by no means the moral police. He will forever get a side-eye for his defense of Bishop Eddie Long after accusations of sexual molestation.

Pastors are the head of God’s churches. Yes, it’s God’s church and not the pastors. Exerting time into filming a reality TV show isn’t my idea of a spiritual leader. The number one priority of any pastor is bringing people to Christ through ministry. When cameras are constantly rolling, the focus is now on the pastors and not God. This can be damaging to the very goal they’re claiming to want to achieve. I’m tolerant of many reality TV concepts. But, I like my reality TV and spiritual leaders separate.

-Bené Viera




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