Vixen Vent: Okay, Stacey…We Get It

vibe-vixen-stacy_dashI am no Stacey Dash hater.  Her body is to-die for, her eyes are gorgeous, I wanted to be “Deon” in Clueless for Halloween at least three times in the early 90’s (mom wasn’t having it), and I even lived vicariously through her as “Val” on VH1’s Single Ladies… But, this charade has got to stop. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and I am not necessarily 100% educated on what is happening with the school vouchers, but neither is Stacey.

At this point her motives are transparent. The 46-year-old mother of two is working on her book, Not Black Enough, which she conveniently plugs before her time ends in the segment. The book focuses on all of her growing pains and how her problems have increased since President Obama was elected.

GIRL, BYE! You can have several seats, and an ottoman to put your feet up. You voted for Prez Obama in 2008, which you have expressed deep regret over because you “naively” voted for him because he was Black. So, I have to assume you never watched a speech, familiarized yourself with his platforms, or sista-girl high-fived our First Lady as she fabulously stood by him during his first campaign.

We get it, you are anti-Obama; many people are, and we all know things are not perfect in America. I support entrepreneurs, writers, but I just don’t think it is necessary to bring down the Obama Administration while doing it. You were never a mayor, governor, a lawyer, law student or even on the high school debate team until you and Romney became “best buds.”

All I’m saying is, next time you agree to do Fox News, please acknowledge that you there to fill space on its’ 24-hour-cycle simply because you are an actress that can help boost ratings. — Gia Peppers