Vixen Vent: Protecting Your Child…Who’s In Your House?

Secondly, do a background check when you start dating someone new and certainly before you move the person under the same roof as you and your child. Entering someone’s name into search engines such as Google and Bing can give you a wealth of information. There are also paid websites which can give you the prior criminal history of a person. It can be a worthwhile investment for peace of mind.

Also, listen to trusted friends and family. If they are giving you solid reasons as to why they don’t like your potential partner, please consider this. They may see things that are disturbing; emotions can blind us to the negative traits of a new love interest.

Lastly, look at your child.  Does your child’s behavior change when your partner is in the room? Are there any strange bruises? These are all critical signs that something may be very wrong.

When you date as a parent, this is a package deal. It’s not just about you anymore.  Your partner needs to love you AND your child. Ignoring the signs and making poor decisions about who has access to your child can result in pain for everyone involved.

Be vigilant. Your child is depending on you.


Melba Pearson is an attorney, writer, speaker, wife and Resident Legal Diva.