Vixen Vent: The Deeper Issues Behind the Death of Miriam Carey

mariam carey sister

Although Carey’s family knew of her mental instability they were in another state and therefore didn’t witness firsthand just how bad it was. The death of Miriam Carey was devastating and it is a miracle that her baby girl wasn’t harmed in the barrage of gunfire.

This incident sheds lights on two very important issues. The first is the need for a bigger discussion about how to access and deal with post-partum depression. The second is the obsession of officers to handle situations with the “shoot to kill” approach. I thought that this method was supposed to be the last tactic in order to stop an assailant, not the first.

Carey’s actions were indeed a cry for help. It could have been heard if officers shot out her tires instead of ending her life. This way we would be able to really get to the root of the problem instead of having endless speculations.

The Black community must talk more, judge less and stop suffering in silence. If you suffer from postpartum, don’t be ashamed. Speak up, seek help (not just medication) and take the proper steps to be a better parent and overall happier individual.

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