Vixen Vent: Time for “Basketball Wives” to Bow Out Gracefully

Basketball Wives Season 5 The well has run dry for Basketball Wives. It’s painstakingly obvious the cast barely cares anymore, and frankly, we don’t either.

Basketball Wives has lost its way. For five seasons we’ve faithfully tuned in to watch the drama unfold between women we’d never heard of prior to the show’s debut. The original crew–Royce, Evelyn, Jennifer, Shaunie, Suzie and Gloria–kept our attention span weekly. In its prime, we anticipated the next episode. Regardless of the starting players and women shuffled in and out, the show delivered on one thing: drama.

Drama makes for good reality television. It doesn’t have to be a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc thrown at someone’s head drama, but some level of conflict must exist. After four seasons of Evelyn throwing bottles, jumping on tables, swinging on women and Tami hitting women with a quick 1-2 combo, a public outcry in the form of petitions caused VH1 to reign it in a bit out of fear of losing advertisers. The women went on a PR campaign promising to straighten up their act. While we’re all for self-improvement, it’s like the saying “You can’t start the play in the second act.”

The fifth season is desperately trying to portray the women who’d once beat you down as moms, daughters, girlfriends and businesswomen. Nothing is wrong with showing a more balanced portrayal, but there’s not one interesting storyline. All that’s left is trumped up beef around a statement “it could go really right or really wrong.” On every episode the following happens: A PA (production assistant) sets up a lunch or fake shopping date with two or more of the women. They talk aimlessly about whatever women aren’t there. One of the women at the fake meet-up then relays the information to whomever wasn’t present thus creating a petty drama. Repeat.