Walk In Her Shoes: On the Move With Hennessy’s West Coast Marketing Manager

For the latest installment of VIBE’s In Her Shoes series we hang with Thuy-Anh J. Nguyen. Thuy-Anh got her start in pharmaceutical sales, but today the hardworking woman is the West Coast Marketing Manager for luxury cognac brand Hennessy.

Originally, the self-described Fendi-addict wanted to pursue a career behind-the-scenes in fashion. While at business school, Thuy-Anh was recruited for an internship at Hennessy and the rest is history.

As the West Coast Marketing Manager for Hennessy, Thuy-Anh combines her love for entertainment with marketing strategies and managing Hennessy consumer related events. Anywhere you see Hennessy on the West Coast, Thuy-Anh was involved in some aspect of getting it there. Her days are busy and she is often seen on two cell phones.

“The brand loyalty to Hennessy is on another level compared to any other brand,” Thuy-Anh says in answer to why she loves her job so much. “Our consumers and fans are extremely loyal to the brand. It’s more than just the best cognac in the world for them to consume, its about a lifestyle. It touches all things I’m passionate about from sports, music, to fashion and art. This is why I love this brand.”