Watch: HBO ‘Real Sports’ Shows How Princeton Lacrosse Team Adopted A Child

When Jaclyn Murphy was nine years old, she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and given a 30% chance of survival. To continue to keep her in good spirits, the New York native was “adopted” by the Northwestern University women’s lacrosse team, who supported her with love filled texts, video messages, and most importantly a friendship.

From this connection grew Friends of Jaclyn, a foundation started by Jaclyn’s parents that matches other sick children with college teams. Since the original Real Sports report about Jaclyn, the foundation has successfully paired hundreds of sick children with sports teams across the country.

“I think one of the major blessings of this relationship is the kind of perspective that it brings to us,” says Kristen Winn, head coach of Princeton University women’s lacrosse team who “adopted” seven year old Carmella “Moo” Loschiavo. “They want to see Moo be healthy and be able to live the life of a little girl.”

Real Sports debuted Tues., Oct. 22 at 10pm ET/PT on HBO.