Watch: HBO’s Real Sports Hangs With Clippers Catalyst Chris Paul

TV’s most honored sports journalism series, Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel, is kicking off its 19th season with a look at Los Angeles Clippers favorite Chris Paul.

In this Real Sports/Sport Illustrated collaboration, correspondent Mary Carillo provides an intimate look at the basketball phenom’s family, his greatest inspiration being his deceased grandfather, and being the catalyst behind the Clippers’ remarkable turnaround.

Paul, who is the newly elected president of the NBA Players Association, talks about juggling life at home with his two young children and wife who was his college sweetheart, and about his love for basketball.

“Nobody loves to play basketball more than I do,” says Paul, “but, I could honestly see myself maybe stopping a little earlier or premature just because I hate to miss anything with my kids.”

Real Sports debuts Tues., Oct. 22 at 10PM ET/PT on HBO.