Watch: Kanye West (Awkwardly) Dodges In And Out Of Humor On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Whenever Kanye West speaks, you’re usually guaranteed a balanced serving of what looks like “angry ranting” and raw gems of knowledge. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he didn’t disappoint. He and Jimmy Kimmel initially set out to discuss the digital rift that happened between the two after the Kimmel aired an arguably unfunny spoof of Ye’s recent BBC 1 interview. From there, Ye went on to discuss myriad topics both serious and funny such as classism (a la the BBC interview), paparazzi needing to know that he’s not afraid to unleash his inner Chicagoan and how people spoof his words and put him into this box. While it was all extremely insightful and produced many quotables, it was also incredibly uncomfortable to watch given Ye’s straight face and Kimmel’s awkward laughter. Watch the entire interview below and one of the most hilarious awkward silences ever, above.

Thanks to Yardie/MrWorldPremiere