Watch: Nas Introduces ‘The Man Who Couldn’t Slow Down’ In New Hennessy Ad

There’s the most distinguished man on the planet and then there’s the man who couldn’t slow down. In a new ad for Hennessy’s Wild Rabbit campaign, hip-hop’s resident Hennessy sipper, Nas, does his best voiceover work to plug Malcolm Campbell, a man who broke the land speed record nine times in his lifetime.

“When they told him he reached the limit, he just had one thought: faster,” narrates Nas. Campbell would eventually become the first person to drive a car at more than 300 mph. He would also be one of the few speed racers to die of natural causes at age 63 in his high-risk field.

“Malcolm Campbell did the impossible,” wrote Nas on his Instagram. “It’s people like him that I put high on my hero list. I’m excited to present his story with Hennessy US.”

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