Watch: RiFF RaFF Storms Off Stage After Getting Hit With Beer Can At Ohio Show

Crowds are getting feisty these days. Last week, Azealia Banks cut her Listen Out Festival set short after nearly being struck with a beer can on-stage and now, rapper Riff Raff has become the latest moving target on-stage.

While rocking out to the tune of “Stripper Pole” at Ohio University for Halftime Fest, Jody Highroller flew into a rage mid-song after a concert-goer pelted him in the chest. “The most sucka ass motherfucker throwing the can, I bet you won’t step on the stage,” he told the audience, “I will whoop your fucking ass.”

After no one ‘fessed up to the deed, the Mad Decent signee then exited stage left. “Fucking throw a can on me? For real, I’m done,” he said.

But Riff Raff ain’t worried about nothin’. He soon posted a photo of him on Twitter, partaking in the local bar scene to drink the pain away.

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