Watch: A Sneak Peek At Lady Gaga’s ‘Aura’ In ‘Machete Kills’

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Lady Gaga joins an all-star cast featuring Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Carlos Estevez, Mel Gibson and more. The newest trailer finds us jamming out to a sneak preview of Gaga’s never-before-released song “Aura.”

Robert Rodriguez’s action-packed thrill ride finds Danny Trejo on another adventure as secret agent, Machete Cortez. Recruited by the U.S. President (played by Charlie Sheen / Carlos Estevez) to stop a crazed international terrorist (Mel Gibson) from starting a nuclear war, Machete faces off against a cavalcade of deadly assassins.

Gaga plays as one of the assassins set out to kill Machete, but as audiences will see in this new trailer, her never-before-released song “Aura” from her forthcoming album ARTPOP buoys the clip.

Watch it for yourself below:

To celebrate the energetic anthem, Machete Kills will be dropping a special lyric video featuring the entire song that will launch next week, Tuesday, October 8. Follow @MacheteKills for the launch.

Alexa Vega, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Marko Zaror, Jessica Alba and Antonio Banderas help to round out the Machete Kills cast, as the film will be out on October 11. ARTPOP will be available on November 11.