Watch: TLC ‘CrazySexyCool’

On Monday Night (Oct. 21), Vh1 debuted CrazySexyCool-– the story of T-Boz, Chilli, and Left-Eye, played by Keke Palmer, Lil’ Mama, and Drew Sidora, respectively.

The movie spans TLC’s careers from the beginning, taking place mostly in Atlanta and showing their growth from nascent pop stars to legends. The biopic explores T-Boz’s sickle cell anemia, Left-Eye’s tragic death, and former manager Pebbles’ shady dealings with the group, which allowed her to make millions more than the artists did (many predicted that Pebbles would delete her Twitter last night over the hoopla). They recreated magazine covers and even bring Master P into the fold, but one of the most shocking and unexpected moments of the made for TV film comes when they show Chilli’s abortion.