Watch: And Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson Talk ‘Wizards & Robots’ At Comic Con is a science geek at heart. The man who has made his millions off producing funktastic beats for his group The Black Eyed Peas and clocking in studio time with everyone from Chris Brown to Britney Spears, is also a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Now he’s taking his love of all things tech and sci-fi to the pages of a new graphic novel titled Wizards & Robots alongside futurist Brian David Johnson, who he met during an Intel interview. The project, which launched at Comic Con in New York, will start as a novel and then be released as a web series scored by Will and delves into the world of the future.

The B.E.P. beatsmith also recalls how changing his squad up shifted his interests.

“I used to see Puffy and Jay walk into a club, and they would be hangin’ out with Jacob the Jeweler, like ‘wow, that’s dope!’ I wanna hang out with the geeks,” Will tells VIBE. “I wanna hang out with the scientists and walk into the room with the most smartest geeks like bam! We about to change the world. I wanna hang out with a different crew of folks to have a different mindset on how they see the world. They don’t run from problems. They run at them to solve them.”

Check out the full interview where the two also reveal their favorite childhood wizards and robots, and why Will considers him and Johnson the “Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons” of the sci-fi world, above.—Adelle Platon (@adelleplaton)

Video Shot By: Jason Chandler | Edited By: Brandon Burnett