Get Informed: Which Businesses Are Directly Affected By The Government #ShutDown



The government has officially shut down.

Late last night congress reached a standstill because of their inability to come to a proper agreement over this fiscal spending year (October 1 to September 30th). Congress key job is to pass the spending bills that fund the government. When they can’t agree to a compromise, most gov’t controlled agencies freeze—Social Security, Air Traffic Control, Active Military, and Congress (go figure) will still be funded.

The shut down stems from the republican-controlled House and the Democratic-controlled senate’s inability to agree to a feasible consensus on Obamacare–a bill that will allows the many Americans living without health care and those with pre-existing medical ailments to not be denied health care.

In order for a compromise to occur the Republicans want provisions made to this bill that takes away the many benefits this bill has because leader of the pack, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz believes this new bill will only bring the country into further financial turmoil.

Neither side is budging so a shut down was made immediately by President Obama. This is the first shut down since 1995 which lasted 21 days into 1996. According to CNN over 800,000 government employees will be in furlough–absence of work without pay–until an agreement can be made. Non-government jobs wont be affected but in the long-run we all take a hit.

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Photo Credit: NY Daily News