Will Smith Considering ‘Selling Time’ With Dan McDermott

Will Smith aims to return to the box office #1 slot in 20th Century Fox’s Selling Time sci-fi thriller.

Although the project has already been through the director’s mill (Spike Lee, Derek and Steven Martini all passed), Smith is going to leave the family at home for his next effort.

Dan McDermott (Zero Hour) wrote and will revise the script, and finds a man (Smith) given the opportunity to relive the worst day of his life and make things right, but at a cost. How much, you wonder? The experience will rob seven years off his life expectancy. Sounds like Will Smith will have to find quite the clause to get out of this pickle.

There’s no director on board with this, yet, but with Smith willing and eager to sign on, there will be plenty of interest from big-name filmmakers.

Up next for the former Fresh Prince star is Akiva Goldman’s Winter’s Tale and the con-man drama Focus. He, alongside his wife Jada and Jay Z, will also be producing the Annie remake, which is shooting right now.

Props: The Wrap