YouTube Cofounder Leaked Footage Of Kanye West’s Proposal To Kim Kardashian?

The culprit for the leaked Kanye West proposal to Kim Kardashian may have been the fellow responsible for their viral fame. YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley reportedly posted footage from the AT&T Park affair where the Yeezus rapper blasted “PLEASE MARRY MEEEE!!!” on the JumboTron Monday (Oct. 21), also Kim’s birthday.

“So this happened last night. Congrats Kim & Kanye!,” Hurley tweeted Tuesday (Oct. 22), along with a mini-video on the app MixBit.

TMZ wrote several days after that KimYe is looking to hit the leaker with potential lawsuit, given those in attendance reportedly signed a confidentiality agreement.

Still, the news shouldn’t damper the couple’s fresh engagement, given that the blushing bride-to-be found it a complete shock. Details of the wedding are still sparse but Kimmy says whatever Kanye says, goes.

“We honestly haven’t had a moment to talk about it or even breathe,” she said. “We haven’t really talked about it, but whatever he wants.”