10 Male Students Arrested For Sharing Nude Photos Of Female Classmates

After turning down a 3 billion dollar offer from Facebook, Snapchat is feeling itself as the next hot social media app amongst youngsters. But the photo app that can’t keep any picture for longer than a couple seconds has already had it’s loopholes exposed by users, and now ten Canadian boys are facing child pornography charges for sharing explicit photos with other people.

The boys, ranging from 13 to 15, are from Lanval, Quebec and had been securing nude photos from girls and sending them to friends when a teacher caught one of the boys looking at some of the pictures on his phone. What ensued was an investigation involving around 20 investigators and dozens of officers who uncovered a scheme involving seven different girls, some of whom had boyfriends, that were sending nude photos to the boys.

The illegal sharing of these photos landed the boys in court, who were released to their parents and are now awaiting another court date in January. Every boy is now banned from using any device that connects to the Internet, unless it’s for school, and even then they can only use it under adult supervision.

“The school teams have been implementing strategies to raise awareness and educate students on safe and responsible use of technology,” said the school board’s director general Stephanie Vucko. “More importantly, intimidation of any sort is not tolerated at any schools of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board.”

More details to come. —-Max Weinstein

via Complex