10 Rappers Who Should Appear On VH1’s ‘Couples Therapy’

Rappers are really into the idea of working on their relationships. At least, that’s what it looks like every time you turn on the hit VH1 show, Couples Therapy. Through the first three seasons, DMX and his wife Tashera Simmons, Too $hort and his on-again, off-again girlfriend Monica Payne, Flava Flav and his girlfriend Liz Trujillo, and Chingy and his girlfriend Temple Poteat have all appeared on the show. And earlier this week, VH1 announced that the fourth season of Couples Therapy will feature none other than Ghostface Killah and his significant other Kelsey Nykole. Who knew rappers loved the idea of reigniting love in therapy so much?!

We certainly didn’t. But from the looks of things, it’s pretty clear that rappers are going to continue to appear on Couples Therapy as long as the show is around. So to help the show’s producers out, we came up with 10 other rappers who should make appearances on Couples Therapy. Disclaimer: Some of these rappers would likely never agree to be on the show. But then again, we never thought we’d see Ghostface on there.

Photo Credit: Getty Images