16 Reasons Why Only Diddy Can Change His Birthdate


Sean Diddy Combs

Happy Birthday isn’t in order for Sean “Diddy” Combs, this year. The mogul opted out of celebrating his birthday on it’s actual day which is today (Nov. 4th) and instead will celebrate it on the 16th. He took to twitter to inform everyone of his new birthdate—for this year only. The rapper tweeted to his followers: “ATTENTION!!!!! MY BIRTHDAY IS NOV 4TH BUT THIS YEAR ONLY IM CHANGING IT TO NOV 16TH. THE 4TH CAME TO EARLY IM NOT PREPARED! IM TIRED, MY SWAG IS OFF AND BOTTON LINE IS IM JUST NOT READY! SO LET’S BE CLEAR! I CHANGED MY BIRTHDAY JUST FOR THIS YEAR TO NOV 16th! SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE SCORPIOS!!! #diddyNewBday”

He just launched a network catering to all the music so we’re giving him a pass hoping he’s ready to turn up in two weeks. Here’s 16 reasons why we’re giving the music mogul a pass this year on celebrating his birthday on a different date.