$28 Million Apartment Complex For Homeless Residents Opens On L.A.’s Skid Row


A new, 108-room apartment complex has opened in Los Angeles’ skid row, offering what funders hope will ease the homelessness rate. The Los Angeles Time reports that the $28-million Gateways Apartment comes equipped with an open-air atrium, solar panels and a smoking lounge with its own filtration system. Each of the single units are designated for those who are homeless, with some reserved for people with AIDs, mental illness, or a long history of living without shelter.

“We’re taking people really right off the street,” said Anita Nelson, chief executive officer of SRO Housing Corp., which developed the building on an empty lot purchased for $4 million on the corner of 5th and San Pedro Streets. L.A. County also forwarded $8 million to providing on-site mental health treatment, along with medical, drug and alcohol treatment. Interesting to note: officials say residents, who pay 30% of their income or government assistance as rent, does not have to be drug- and alcohol-free or mentally stabilized to qualify.

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Photo Credit: L.A. Times

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