5 Topics Kanye West Should Address During His DONDA Design Lectures

Kanye West wants you to know that he’s about more than just music right now. So in addition to touring the country in support of his most recent album, Yeezus, Ye also kicked off the DONDA Design Lecture Series at Harvard on Sunday. It’s unclear when, where, or even if he will be making additional stops on the DONDA Design Lecture Series—it’s going to be kind of difficult to top Harvard, eh?—but assuming he is, in fact, going to turn this into a series, there are a few things that we think he should address.

During his lecture at Harvard, Kanye talked about the importance of design, his newfound love for architecture and utopia. Lots of talk about how “utopia is actually possible.” And that’s all well and good. But if he does take this show on the road, here are 5 other topics Kanye should also address during the DONDA Design Lecture Series to give us all some insight into his passion for design.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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