7 Artists Who’ve ‘Sexified’ Their Music And Image

If you’ve been keeping up with his “Music Mondays” series, then you know that Justin Bieber isn’t a “baby” anymore. The 19-year-old singer—who first rose to prominence back in 2010 thanks to the runaway success of his single, “Baby”—isn’t just making music for your little sister these days. He’s making grown-up songs like “Hold Tight,” “Bad Day” and “PYD,” his latest “Music Mondays” track featuring R. Kelly. It’s clear that he’s going through a transformation right now and attempting to change both his music and, more importantly, his image.

This kind of transformation isn’t new, though. There have been many artists over the years who have done the same exact thing. And they’ve done it in a variety of ways. Here, 7 artists who have “sexified” their music and image just like Bieber.

Photo Credit: Getty Images