Adina Howard is Back!


Adina Howard

That’s right, the sultry singer known for her hit song “Freak Like Me”, along with many others, is working on a new album and promoting her new single Switch. Since her hiatus, Adina has gotten married, and received her Culinary Arts degree.  She is excited about her upcoming album, saying “I’m doing it my way, and I am working at my own pace.”

Adina initially was not going to create another album, but was motivated by her husband to release another one. Speaking on today’s artists and their sexuality, Adina says that sexuality is a part of life.  singers like Rihanna, whom she calls her “little spawn”, and Miley, are artists and are themselves.

Adina’s album is scheduled to release in early 2014. —Alysia M. Lester

What was your inspiration for the song “Switch”?

It’s interesting because my husband is the project coordinator for this new project, but I actually was not going to record another album at all.  I was so over it. My husband said, ‘Babe, you have one more in you. Just do one more project.’

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