Adina Howard is Back!


Adina HowardWhat did you think of the song?

When I first heard it, I wasn’t really feeling it, but then I had to check myself because I’m one of those people that when my ego gets in the way, I will block my blessing. So I really started listening to the song and the lyrics and said that’s me. I love changing up and looking different. I don’t like to follow the crowd. I like to lead the crowd, so this song for me is indicative of who I am as a person, because ‘imma switch up on you in a heartbeat.

Can listeners expect variety on this upcoming album?

Definitely. Music is universal.

Are you excited about this album?

Yes, definitely. I am under a new label, and I am doing it my way, not waiting on other people, and working at my own pace.

What are you doing in your off time from promoting?

I am working as a cook after receiving my culinary arts degree, and am enjoying spending time with my family. (Adina is married and has a 14 year-old daughter.)

Who is your favorite artist to listen to?

I like Rihanna. I call her my little spawn [laughs]. I enjoy her music.

Speaking of her music, how do you feel about today’s artists expressing their sexuality?

They are expressing themselves. They are artists. I remember the media went crazy when my music first came out. It’s just sex. We all got here from somewhere. These artists do things to get attention by any means necessary.  Sometimes it’s detrimental to their career, other times it’s not.  I say do you and be you.

When is your release date for the album?

I am still working on it, but it will be out in the beginning of 2014.

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