Andre Leon Talley Says African Americans ‘With Any Consciousness’ Shouldn’t Shop at Barney’s


This Wednesday (Nov. 20), Jay Z unveiled a pricey holiday collection in collaboration with fashion retailer Barney’s. Despite reports of racial profiling, the media mogul- convinced that pulling out would be the wrong thing- insists his selection of pricey items will solely benefit his foundation for the less fortunate.

While we continue to drool over what we can’t afford ($3,000 hoodie, $750 ski mask, etc), other black celebs are speaking out about the controversial business move. Andre Leon Talley, who we’re sure has spent a buck or two at Barney’s, challenges all African Americans to boycott the upscale store and Macy’s for their racist ways.

Speaking with The New York Times for a lengthy profile piece on the controversey, the Vogue editor says if he were the rapper, pulling out of the deal would’ve been best.

“Any African-American, male or female, with any consciousness of what has happened would not go into Barneys right now. Nor Macy’s. For the simplicity of making a broad statement I would pull out.”

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Photo Credit: Charles Norfleet/Getty Images