Astralwerks Wins Bidding War For New Porter Robinson Album

Porter Robinson’s highly anticipated debut album will finally be released after an intense bidding war between several record labels. According to, myriad labels made bids on 21-year-old producer, but it was Astralwerks who reigned supreme.

What made the Capitol imprint the capital choice? Robinson disclosed that it was because of their non-EDM credentials.

“There are a lot of labels out there that want to have the next big EDM thing and that’s totally not what the album is about at all,” Robinson told Billboard. “It kind of lives more in the alternative space than in the dance world. I needed a team of people who had experience with both worlds.”

Though details on the LP’s release or direction have yet to be disclosed, signing with Astralwerks will help harness Porter’s potential for production stardom after seeing past success stories with fellow label artists Mat Zo and Empire of the Sun.

To read more about Porter’s recent signing with Astralwerks, head over to Also be sure to check out our list on why Porter Robinson rules by clicking here. (FYI: We totally predicted that he’d be the ish!)

Photo credit: Getty Images