Batkid Saves San Francisco In The Best Make-A-Wish Ever


On Friday, the good people of San Francisco banded together in what can be deemed as the greatest Make-A-Wish ever planned, and proved that maybe the world isn’t such a bad place after all. (Warning: You’ll need a box off tissues to read this one.) 5-year-old Miles Scott was diagnosed with leukemia at only 18-months-old. Battling the disease most of his life, Miles wrapped his treatment in June and is currently in remission. He was approached by the Make-A-Wish foundation, which has been granting the wishes of children with life-threatening illnesses since 1980 and prides itself on granting wishes throughout the United States every 38 minutes. “I wish to be Batkid” was Miles’ wish. The kindergartener had fallen in love with superheroes while battling his illness, because superheroes always win. (See, what we mean… pass the Kleenex.)

“Miles has always been a fighter,” Miles’ father Nick Scott told reporters. “He fought through cancer and he beat that. I think it goes hand in hand that he’s a fan of Batman and superheroes, as well.” On Friday (Nov. 15), tens of thousands of San Francisco residents helped transform the City by the Bay into Gotham. Streets were shut down as huge crowds gathered to see Batkid (aka Miles) and Batman rescue Gotham (aka San Francisco) from the Riddler and Penguin. The end result was a message from the President — yes, Obama — thanking Miles for a job well done. The whole thing started with San Francisco‚Äôs Police Chief Greg Suhr appearing on local TV warning Gotham that The Riddler and Penguin were on the loose and that he needed Batkid’s help. Dressed as Batkid, Miles and his little brother, who was dressed at Robin, hit the Batmobiles — a two black Lamborghinis — with an adult-sized Batman. Their first order of duty was to diffuse a fake bomb and save a damsel in distress from the HydeStreet cable-car tracks in Nob Hill.

Then it was off to the bank, where Batkid stopped The Riddler from robbing the vault. Police took The Riddler away in handcuffs, but Batkid’s job wasn’t done yet.

After a quick burger lunch, in a scene similar from the 1989 Tim Burton-directed film Batman, evil villain The Penguin took to San Francisco’s Union Square with his kidnapped victim Lou Seal, the SF Giants mascot.

Winged-capped crusader Miles took to the Batmobile again and followed The Penguin to AT&T Park, where he and Batman apprehended Penguin and set Lou Seal free.

A plane flew over head with a banner congratulating Batkid, while the Chief of Police appeared on the Jumbotron to thank Batkid on behalf of Gotham. Miles was then awarded a key to the city for his heroism at City Hall.

The #SFBatKid phenom took off virally, helping the city get involved. Not only was the show of support incredible with civilians holding up signs that read “We Love Batkid” and “Keep Calm and Call Batkid,” but the SFPD took things to another level with their participation. Even the San Francisco Chronicle got in on the Make-A-Wish distributing special-edition newspapers with the headline “Batkid Saves City.” Local KGO-TV also participated with newsbreaks. (The folks at Mashable captured the turnout well in their Batkid gallery.) With Gotham safe for now, we can only hope Batkid strikes again when danger is present.