BBC To Air Will.I.Am Documentary Co-Starring Joanna Lumley

With all the controversy started by The Black Eyed Peas’ Will.i.Am, it seems that his musical accolades have caught the attention of BBC One.

The popular channel has given the go-ahead for an hour-long documentary about the Black Eyed Peas front-man, which will follow actress Joanna Lumley traveling to Los Angeles to hang out with the West Coast musician.

Together, they will introduce new and familiar audiences to Will’s friends, family; spend time at his Los Feliz mansion, and stomp on the grounds of his childhood home within the Boyle Heights projects in East Los Angeles. “I have long been fascinated by and leapt at the chance of meeting him and finding out more about his extraordinary life and achievements,” Lumley says. “The film we made together is truly a rare thing, a side of the public hasn’t seen yet, with interviews with friends, family and colleagues, and affording a glimpse into the life of the musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist that has made a household name and a megastar.”

Controller of BBC One, Charlotte Moore, added, “In this very special documentary for BBC One, Joanna Lumley spends time with the intriguing, hanging out with his friends and family and delving into his background to find out just what motivates this extraordinarily driven individual who seems more than anybody else to define the pace, energy and creativity of the time in which we live.”

The project, Joanna Lumley Meets, will air early next year on BBC.

Props: BBC UK