Brandon Rios Says He’s No Punching Bag And Is Ready For Pacquiao

Donning the nickname “Bam Bam” in correlation to the Barney Rubble’s son on The Flinstones, boxing has been a part of Brandon Rios’ life ever since he could remember. From parring matches as a little boy to preparing for one of the biggest fights of his life, HBO Sports sits down with Rios and discusses his personal backstory and why he is ready for this fight.

“I’ll be ready, I’ll be 100% health, 100% mental and physically ready,” says Rios confidently. “And I’m going to show the world, everyone that doubted me, everyone that talked bad about me, that say I’m a punching bag — they’re going to find something out different.”

Pacquiao vs. Rios happens Sat., Nov. 23 live on Pay-Per-View beginning at 9PM ET/6PM PT.