‘Breaking Bad’ Alternate Ending Surfaces

If you don’t want to ruin a good thing, then don’t watch the Breaking Bad “alternate ending.” With the show’s series finale going down as one of the most epic endings in television history, there really is no need for another end to Walter White’s meth cooking legacy. However, if you are curious and were a fan of Bryan Cranston’s previous comedy series Malcolm in the Middle, you’ll get a laugh out it.

Cranston, who played Walter White for five seasons on Breaking Bad, overlaps his prior role as goofball dad Hal on the hit FOX series Malcolm in the Middle in the alternate ending clip that has surfaced. He wakes up in a cold sweat in his Malcolm in the Middle character next to co-star Jane Kaczmarek, who played his wife for seven season on the family comedy, like the whole Breaking Bad thing was just one giant nightmare.

“I just had the scariest dream,” Cranston tells Kaczmarek.

“I told you not to eat those deep fried Twinkies,” replies Kaczmarek, not skipping a beat from their past on-screen chemistry.

“You don’t understand, I was this meth dealer,” says Cranston, who then goes on to describe all the nightmarish things his character did on Breaking Bad.

The clip is an extra off Breaking Bad: The Complete Series DVD box set. Makes you kinda wanna pick up one of those bad boys and see what else is on there, huh? Too bad it retails for a cool $299, or two pairs of Jordans. For those wishing there was more Breaking Bad, your wish might come true. The show’s creator Vince Gilligan is reportedly working on a Breaking Bad spinoff.

Watch the Breaking Bad “alternate ending” below.