Cameron Diaz Re-Recorded ‘Counselor’ Lines Because She Sounded Like Rihanna

Cameron Diaz needs no comparison but while working on the forthcoming thriller from Ridley Scott, The Counselor, the actress had to re-record her lines because she sounded too much like Rihanna.

The Hollywood Reporter reports the blonde bombshell’s character has a subtle Bajan lilt and originally voiced it with a Rih Rih-style accent, according to Fox execs.

Diaz had to head back to the booth to re-dub her parts. The flick hit theatres Oct. 25 and is jam-packed with A-listers including Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Michael Fassbender and more. Peep the trailer below and also stay tuned for her next film The Other Woman which features a cameo from Rihanna’s buddy, Nicki Minaj.