Chief Keef (Finally) Pays Some Child Support To Prevent Another Arrest

Chief Keef is finally letting his actions do the talking. After saying that he has grown, the 18-year-old rapper (real name Keith Cozart) has forwarded some funds to the massive amount of child support he owed to keep from getting arrested again.

According to TMZ, he cut a check to his baby momma for $11,000 during his court appearance in Cook County on Oct. 21. He initially owed $20,900.

However, Sosa will make a cameo before the judge once more on Dec. 10 to address his past absences from mandatory child support hearings. Should Keef be found in contempt, he may be seeing the same set of bars that met him after two drug-related offenses this past year.

In the meanwhile, the dreaded bad boy will be headed to an equestrian center to dish out 60 hours of community service.

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