Chris Brown To Release 5 Songs On ‘X Files’ Mixtape


Chris Brown’s bad boy record has been headlining more than his music as of late, but the 24-year-old music man is bringing back some high notes with a new mix tape. “X files mixtape Tuesday NOV 19th, 5 songs,” he wrote on Twitter Sunday (Nov. 17).

Though the release of his forthcoming sixth studio effort X has been pushed back to 2014, Breezy will gift his fans with 5 free songs on the project.

In an October interview with The Guardian, the singer said the LP will cater to a variety of genres.

“This album, creative-wise, is just musically sound, diverse, a lot of different genres attached themselves to the song, like, different fans,” Brown said. “It doesn’t have to be necessarily a song for one race, it’s mostly for everybody. Just when you take those journeys through the X album, I mean, you start looking at certain songs, you’d be like, ‘Oh, I get that, I can relate to this song’ or, ‘Oh, I like this song. This sounds good.’ With this album I think it can just identify with any age group, with any race, with any culture.”

Stay tuned for the mix tape, set to drop Nov. 19 on