CNN’s Don Lemon Getting His Own Late Night Show

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The ever-controversial Don Lemon has been trying to up his stock at CNN, and it seems that he will get his shot at the 11 o’clock primetime slot. Will you watch?

Whether or not you agree with some of his recent position on current issues, the CNN weekend anchor will step in for Erin Burnett when she goes on maternity leave to host a half-hour program. His new show will replace re-runs of OutFront With Erin Burnett, and is expected to begin in December.

This marks Lemon’s latest move to fall in line with CNN president Jeff Zucker’s tinkering with the network’s programming.

Since taking over the company in January, Zucker has added Jake Tapper and Anthony Bourdain to the channel and overseen the premiere of the network’s new morning show, New Day.

Props: Huffington Post