Dascha Polanco: Arrested Development

Dascha Polanco-polaroid-collage

Did you expect such overnight success?
It’s unexpected in the sense that my focus wasn’t on the attention that I was going to get for the show. I’m handling it quite well. It’s so validating that the fans and the public are enjoying my work; that they’re actually letting me know via Twitter, via Instagram and I will never get used to that. So, every time I do receive it, I’m so welcome to it and still in shock.

Were you a fan of social media beforehand?
I’ve had to get used to it. I had Instagram before, but not Twitter because I’m more of a visual person. But, now it’s addicting. I’m on social media everyday- it’s so informative!

You’re one of the newer actors on set. When did you get your start?
I’ve had an interest in acting since third grade, but a couple years ago, my fiancée registered me in an acting studio and I found my manager through that and eventually had the confidence to audition. I believe it was 2010 that that started.