Dascha Polanco: Arrested Development


Did not knowing the memoir make your audition difficult?
When I auditioned, I didn’t know the storyline. All I knew was that she was talking to her own mother in prison. What connects me and Daya together is no matter the struggle or what she’s been through, she can’t hold grudges and she really loves and wants to forgive and forget.

The fans love Daya and Bennett’s secret love affair. If you could write it, what would happen to them next?
We have to look at both aspects—realistically and in our romanticism and fantasies. I would like for them both to be able to somehow—and this sounds so wrong—infiltrate the system so that he could take care of the baby while she does her time in jail. If you look at it outside the concept of jail and how forbidden love happens today—I want the same thing to happen for Daya and Bennett. Fight through all the circumstances and if it’s really true love, then at the end, they will eventually get to share those moments.

Is Matt McGorry as sweet as his character?
Matt is such a humble individual and so genuine. We always tell each other, we’re so thankful that this journey that we’ve begun- we’re lucky to have it with one another. When we’re working together, the chemistry that people see, is us supporting each other as Dascha and Matt. I am very thankful to have him.