Digital Dish: Cynthia Bailey Talks NeNe’s Wedding and New Season of Real Housewives of ATL

Cynthia Bailey getting nails done

There  wasn’t as much drama during her wedding. Normally with the show you girls have your moments where you’re bickering but it seemed fairly peaceful and organized.

Some of the bridesmaids kept it going a little bit but we kind of got everybody together and it became cool so after that everybody was pretty peaceful. Everybody had their own personal problems if they felt like they needed to but for the most part NeNe, by the time she got to Cancun, she was in a whole other place.

Would you say that you’re closest to NeNe out of all of the ladies on the show?

Yes, I am. We just connect and we have fun together. We go on vacations and dinners together. We hang out a lot outside of the show. We talk every day.