Digital Dish: Cynthia Bailey Talks NeNe’s Wedding and New Season of Real Housewives of ATL


Cynthia Bailey gets nails done

Sounds like you girls need your own little private show: The NeNe and Cynthia Show.

[Laughs!] Well, I don’t know about all that. I’m just saying that I don’t think you can pick who you’re going to connect with. Going into the show I thought “Oh, I’ll probably connect with Kandi or I’ll connect with this one or the other” but NeNe was the last person I thought I would actually be friends with.


Just from watching the show. You always see snips of what people are like on the show. You don’t really get to see their full life and who they are so she was just the one I connected with the most. I can’t explain why.

A lot of women have come and gone on the show, but you and Nene seem to have stuck to it for awhile.

This is my fourth season and in terms of friends, I’m a pretty loyal friend. If I’m down with you, I’m down with you and any stuff that we go through, I feel like we could work through it and if we can’t work through it then we weren’t really friends.